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Non-Fiction List

BRIAN BYFIELD, ALAN ORPIN and  GRAY JOLLIFFE                                                                        


Learn Chess Quick.  A new version of a successful US publication, now embellished by apt and amusing cartoons.  Published by Anova Books. The 10-Minute Series, text by Brian Byfield, cartoons by Gray Jolliffe  is published by Anova.  Other Anova  titles include  Play Chess in 10 Minutes and Play Bridge in 10 Minutes together with Play Poker in 10 Minutes and Play Backgammon in 10  Minutes.


MICHAEL DARLOW                                                                                                            


Well-known award winning film producer with a number of award winning dramas and documentaries, and a fellow of The Royal Television Society.  Author of books on film and theatre including the biography of Terence Rattigan- The Man and His Work (Quartet Books). He has written, in collaboration with Barbara Bray, a Biography of Ibn Saud the first Monarch of Saudi Arabia (Quartet Books), as well as co-edited Born in Siberia (Quartet Books), a remarkable memoir of Tamara Astafieva and her family.   




Author of the FRED cartoon series published by Headline, as well as the DADDY titles published by Boxtree Macmillan.  Rupert has since created the much loved  'Off The Leash'-- a highly popular collection of dog-based cartoons,  and 'On the Prowl' -- popular collection of cat-based cartoons.  All published by Boxtree Macmillan.The Secret Life of Dogs, A Dog's Best Friend,  It’s a Dog’s Life.   The Secret Life of Cats (2016).




Well known cartoonist who has written and cartooned many books including the never-to-be-forgotten  Man’s Best Friend series, The Unadulterated Cat with Terry Pratchett, and the Christmas Again Already Yet series. His recent projects together with Brian Byfield include The 10-Minute Series published by Anova.




Monkey Business is an account of the murder of Anni Dewani in Capetown in 2010.  The book is a short narrative of all the voices that told us about the murder with the information drawn entirely off the internet. The narrative is made up of the voices of the husband, the police, politicians, reporters, the media, family, friends, lawyers, spin doctors, court records and descriptions of CCTV footage.  At one level this is a story of a murder.  It is also an exercise in journalism.  The title is published by RHSA/Umuzi South Africa.


Mike’s books include: A Good-Looking Corpse (Secker & Warburg, 1991/ Minerva, 1995) - a history of the magazine Drum which thrived in Johannesburg during the 1950s; The Waiting Country (Gollancz, 1995) - a memoir of the first democratic elections in South Africa; The Invisible Line (Kwela/Random House SA, 1998) a biographical text to accompany the photographs of South African news photographer Ken Oosterbroek who was killed by friendly fire in the run-up to the 1994 SA general election; Sea Mountain, Fire City (Kwela, 2001) - a memoir of living in Cape Town; and Mandela - The Authorised Portrait (P Q Publishers, 2006) - a 40 000-word biography of Nelson Mandela.


Mike writes Crime Beat, a blog dedicated to news, interviews and reviews about South African crime fiction.